"if at first you don't succeed.... stop f****** around" ~~~ FXP


"Vic then introduced Felix Pastorius, son of the late, great
Jaco Pastorius, who performed a beautifully rhythmic solo,
with a sound and a touch incredibly reminiscent of his father."

~~~11/24/02 Drummers Collective - Bass Day 2002

"Turns out this kid playing the bass was Felix Pastorius, Jaco and Ingrid's sixteen
year old son. I'm telling you people that this young man has everything his father
had and then some. I had chills and got choked up listening to him play. It was truly
a moving experience, as I realized what a loss it was for all of us to lose an artist
with that kind of spirit and expression. Felix is a really friendly and humble kid."

~~~Tom Good 11/25/98

"Very good website, and will only grow to be better as
Felix comes of age in today's music scene. Felix and I
shopped at the same store in Ft. Lauderdale and I can
provide first hand knowledge that he has the chops and
fluid motion that can only be handed down from father to son."

~~~7/5/02 Mark Heath

Making music comes natural to 28 year old Felix Pastorius. A family tradition, his
grandfather John Francis Pastorius II, affectionately referred to as "Jack", was a
stand-up jazz drummer, that would sing while he would swing. Following in his
footsteps one of Jack's three sons, Felix's dad, John Francis Pastorius III, took
up the drums and later switched to bass. He was affectionately referred to as "Jaco".

Spending most his life living in Florida, he was always surrounded by a house full
of instruments. While studying them all, he landed on the bass, or maybe it landed
on him. He's earned his place, learned to navigate, and here to take you for a ride.
He is affectionately referred to as "Felix".