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Robert Thomas, Jr.

* Hand drummer - drums - vocals - percussion - exotic flutes - guitar *

Thomas is the sole innovator of Be-Bop and freestyle hand drumming.

Self-taught, Robert Thomas, Jr. creates the most unique approach to
percussive instruments in music today, combining traditional playing styles
of many lands and many instruments, both ancient and contemporary.

Known worldwide for his work with Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter,
founders of the group Weather Report, he converses melodically,
harmonically, and rhythmically by incorporating the use
of cymbals, cowbells, and skins in a systematic concept.

Half Bahamian, a native of Florida, born in Miami Beach,
he has shared the bandstand with David Sanborn,
Stan Getz, Herbie Mann, Monty Alexander,
and his friend Jaco Pastorius.

Thomas, a two time Grammy Nominee, and world traveler,
is an avid collector of bizarre string and wind instruments,
who brings forth authentic earthy rawness to the senses,
making him a one-man global resource center of
Universal proportions.

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Bobby's book (1) titled  "Dancing Hands -- Mind over matter"
with Illustrations by Thomas.

"Not the ordinary "how to play percussion" book due to
the fact that I am self-taught and totally non-traditional.
My background in the visual and martial arts,
along with the practice of alternative medicine,
is directly related to my music.
The unorthodox concept that enables me to cross
the psychological boundaries of seeing my instruments as
only a vehicle for rhythm was a tremendous break through."

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To study with Bobby T, call  786 - 295 - 8912

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